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My name is Darren Cabral and I’m a realtor at C21 Atria Realty in Vaughan.


Using a unique marketing-driven approach, expansive social media presence, and nearly a decade of experience buying and selling real estate, I help buyers and sellers beat the odds, beat the market, and keep more money in their pockets.


To learn more about me and see what I'm up to, please follow along on social media using the links below. Or reach out to me anytime at

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My Story

As the former CEO of one of Canada's top Digital Marketing Agencies, an experienced real estate investor, and a lifelong entrepreneur, I bring a unique skill set to every relationship and every deal.


Part 1: Marketing Agency CEO

For the past 7 years, I've been building and managing a digital marketing agency called Suits Social. In doing so, my team and I worked with hundreds of clients ranging from local small businesses to national brands, managing tens of millions of dollars in ad budgets in the process.  

Along the way, I've not only become well-versed in the most cutting-edge digital marketing systems, strategies, and tactics used by the world's most elite marketers, I've had a strong hand in pioneering them!  

Part 2: Entry Into Real Estate Investing

Roughly 5 years ago, I was looking for a strong asset or business to invest the profits of my agency. Something that would provide a strong return, with little risk, and most importantly... that I could understand! This lead me to my first encounter in the world of real estate. 

This lead me to partner with a few family members ultimately building a vertically integrated house-flipping company called, Simcoe House Buyers. Leveraging my marketing expertise, we managed to build a powerful off-market lead-gen engine that generates over 1000 off-market seller leads per year.  Last year we privately purchased, renovated in-house, and sold, dozens of properties in Simcoe County & York Region. 

Part 3: Transitioning Into Real Estate Sales

After that initial introduction to real estate as an investor, I was hooked. I realized just how profitable my marketing expertise could be when applied to the world of Real estate. So despite my long and rewarding journey in the marketing agency world... in early 2023, I decided to sell my marketing agency after receiving an offer that was "too good to refuse" from a larger marketing firm in the City. This allowed me to move full steam ahead with the next chapter of my professional career as a full-time real estate sales representative. After signing with one of the world's top C21 brokerages, CENTURY 21 Atria Realty Inc. I've been working around the clock to serve my expansive network of buyers, sellers, and investor clients and enjoying every minute of it!

Part 4: How I Can Best Serve You Today


All the unique experience listed in my story above translates to a unique competitive advantage enjoyed by every single one of my clients. Whether you're a seller client benefiting from my wealth of marketing expertise, systems, and strategies to get top dollar for your property... or a buyer benefiting from my network of off-market leads, and years of experience acquiring properties across Ontario... I'm able to provide a truly unique experience with each and every deal. If you want to learn more about what I do and how I can help you on your next real estate adventure, request a private consultation today.

Contact Me

Request a private consultation to learn more about our services and discover how we can best serve you!

1+ 647 371-5335

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