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Inside Canadian Real Estate

Inside Canadian Real Estate is an "all-access" behind the scenes pass for owners, investors, and anyone looking to build wealth in the unique world of Canadian Real Estate. Tune in weekly as we connect with industry experts in both the residential and commercial real estate world, and bring you the inside look at Canadian markets.

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Inside Canadian Real Estate
Show Formats

Insider Interviews

Tap into unparalleled insights as we sit down with Canada’s elite, in real estate, finance, and investment. Whether you’re planning your first home purchase or navigating complex investment strategies involving private equity, taxes, and family trusts, we’ve got the industry’s elite ready to spill their secrets.

This Week In Real Estate

A perfect blend of timely updates and entertainment. From dissecting the latest market buzz to unraveling headline news, join us and our regular co-host—the ever-relatable “voice of the people”—for episodes that are as enlightening as they are entertaining. Keep your pulse on the market, while sharing a laugh!

Authority Spotlight

Get inspired by the legends of real estate and investment. Dive into stories of icons like Steve Schwarzman, founder of Blackstone, exploring their past, present, and future imprints on the world of property.

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